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The Transcript

When Did Court Reporting Begin?

March 23, 2015

It is believed that Marcus Tullius Tiro was the first person to write in a shorthand form. This was in the year 63 BC.   Tiro was in charge of taking dictation and managing the affairs of the Roman philosopher Cicero.   Tiro developed a series of abbreviations and symbols so he could keep up with the speeches that he was charged with capturing. (more…)

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Top 2 things we learned at the State Bar of Michigan Annual Convention

March 16, 2015

Last September we had the opportunity to attend the State Bar of Michigan Annual Convention. For those who haven’t attended this conference, it’s a chance for everyone in the legal profession in Michigan to come together to share and grow. We learned a couple of things we didn’t know and we want to share them with you: (more…)

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NCRA Firm Owner’s Executive Conference Wrapup-What is NetWORTHing?

March 9, 2015

We all know the value of networking so we were most interested to attend a special session on NetWORTHing at the NCRA Firm Owner’s Executive Conference.

Traditional networking, and I admit I was a traditional networker, meant I would bring a box of business cards to a conference and almost like trading baseball cards get as many cards as I possibly could trade and then come home, file the cards and hope that someone from the tons of cards I handed out would call upon us to help them with a deposition or a conference room. (more…)

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National Court Reporters Association Firm Owners Executive Conference

February 4, 2015

One event we look forward to each year is attending NCRA’s Firm Owners Executive Conference and this year it is being held in Palm Desert, California. This conference gives us the opportunity to discuss ways we can improve our business, learn about new technology, and of course, catch up with friends and colleagues.

Before the conference even begins Table 8 organizations,  a national network of independently owned court reporting agencies, will meet. I consider this a conference within a conference. Since we try to hold our meetings in conjunction with our national conferences we always have a great turn out and get to learn from each other on how to provide better services. (more…)

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