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Making a case for Video Depositions

October 12, 2016
Making a case for Video Depositions

A video deposition is the digital recording of a witness’ testimony under oath. Video depositions are a valuable tool for reference when considering whether to use particular witnesses at trial and when preparing for the direct or cross-examination of those witnesses.

  1. Alleviates scheduling conflicts of key witnesses for the duration of the case
  2. Provides absent co-counsel and team members materials for preparation
  3. Clarifies verbal responses through recording of shrugs, nods & inflections

The popularity of YouTube, Vimeo, and similar video sites are the latest examples of the power of video to capture interest, entertain and influence opinions. This impact has not gone unnoticed by the legal profession, which has embraced the use of video depositions. (more…)

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Why videoconferencing?

August 29, 2016

We have put together a comparative document discussing the ins and outs as well as pros and cons of various types of Videoconferencing (VC) from full VC suites to virtual/PC based to Skype and everything in between..

In this document we discuss how varying forms of audio and video telecommunications, and internet speeds, can bring people at different sites together. In many cases, attorneys wanting to avoid the hassle and expense of traveling in person currently are utilizing this technology while providing access to opposing counsel and/or colleagues. PLEASE CLICK HERE!!!

We delve into the possible ways busy professionals use this technology from simple a conversation between people in private offices (called point-to-point) or involve several (called multipoint) sites in large rooms at multiple locations.

VC is not only being used for the audio and visual transmission of meeting activities, VC technologies can be used to share documents and display information from PCs, Ipads and Elmos.

Some of the other benefits are:

  • Reducing time away from home
  • No airport/travel hassles
  • Allows for real time and face-to-face meetings

Videoconferencing is similar to Skype or Google Hangout to connect, however the technology we use is much clearer and more reliable. For our VC Suites we purchased Polycom cameras and sound systems along with 40 inch plus flat screen HD televisions. You essentially feel like you are in the same room.

Please call, email, text, fax, send a smoke signal or stop by to learn more about the myriad of videoconferencing options and open up the possibilities on how you can use it to be more productive.

Additionally, you will SAVE MONEY and BE HOME for dinner and kid’s or grandchildren’s events.


Warmest regards,

Jon Moretti | Vice President
Client Services | Technical Support

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A quick look at HD vs SD for your next video deposition

July 8, 2015

Do you want to see the wrinkles or scars on your witnesses face for your next deposition?

Shooting legal videos in high definition and standard definition video are the two most used video formats. But which should you choose for your next deposition? Standard definition takes up less space, but high definition has better graphics – Let’s take a closer look.

HD vs SD

High definition (HD) video means having a very clear picture and a wide screen format.  Standard definition (SD) is a format providing a picture quality below HD and lacks the sharpness of HD.


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Enlightening insights from a HIPAA seminar

April 23, 2015

Last fall, I attended a HIPAA seminar at a law firm in Southeast Michigan. The seminar was titled, ‘Are You HIPAA-Notized Yet?’, and it featured the latest insights and developments regarding HIPAA from this firm’s attorneys to their clients.


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Three Areas HIPAA Impacts Lawyers and Court Reporters

March 30, 2015

HIPAA should be important to attorneys and the court reporters, and there are essentially three areas HIPAA impacts the legal community as well as court reporting firms:

  • Attorneys and court reporters receive and save on numerous devices patient medical as well as personnel information both physically and electronically
  • Both law and court reporting firms are a heavy IT based industries utilizing mobile devices that hold electronic personal and health records as well as either owned or contracted cloud repositories for storing data
  • Attorneys and court reporting firms work with contracted reporters, proofreaders, scopists and videographers who are often subcontractors which makes it difficult to enforce a firms security and privacy policies


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