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Ethics First


ETHICS FIRST is a voluntary, no-cost public awareness program that seeks to positively educate court reporters, colleagues, firms, and in particular, their clients and consumers about how and why the impartiality and neutrality of the court reporter is of the utmost importance in maintaining an unbiased legal system.

In 1993 NCRA (National Court Reporters Association) adopted, as part of its code of Professional Ethics, a policy that prohibits giving excessive gifts to attorneys, clients, witnesses, insurance companies or other entities associated with the litigation.

The policy was established because NCRA Board of Directors believed that the practice of providing gifts, rewards or incentives to attorneys, clients or their representatives or agents undermines and dilutes the integrity of the reporting profession, and the status of the reporter, as a neutral and impartial officer of the court. Giving excessive gifts and incentives can create, in the eye of the public, the appearance of partiality or favoritism on the part of the reporter towards the recipient.

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