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Last year Moretti Group became HIPAA Compliant. We hired a HIPAA Expert and Auditor certified with the HIPAA Academy to perform a Risk Analysis and then we spent a year Remediating the findings. Now, however, we’ve found a company that will help you become HIPAA Compliant in a do-it-yourself way through templates all over the phone and via the internet. More about that later and first a bit of history and why HIPAA Compliance should be important to you.

  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules protect the privacy and security of individually identifiable health information. Whether the information is on a computer, paper, or other media, there are responsibilities for safeguarding health information. The HIPAA Privacy Rule covers protected health information (PHI) in any medium, while the HIPAA Security Rule covers electronic protected health information (e-PHI).
  • We became HIPAA Compliant because there are three areas we believe HIPAA will impact Court Reporting;
  • Moretti Group and our personnel receive and save PHI on a regular basis both physically and electronically.
  • Court Reporting and Document Management are heavy IT based industry’s utilizing laptops, IPADS and other mobile devices as well as cloud repositories.
  • We are subcontractors to our legal clients and our reporters and videographers are often independent contractors to us which make it difficult for us to enforce firm wide security and privacy policies. But Moretti Group has found a way to become compliant and help our contractors become compliant.

And now you can learn from our experience as it relates to attaining HIPAA Compliance through a Templated and Affordable Self-Compliance Program specifically designed for Business Associates and Subcontractors.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our HIPAA Compliance and if you are interested in becoming HIPAA Compliant I can put you in touch with Eagle Associates, Inc. Details are below.


Eagle Associates has been providing regulatory compliance services for over 25 years. They continuously monitor the regulations to ensure that your policies remain current amid the changes.

Sorting Fact from Fiction:
How will you sort out what is required from what is rumored? And, do you have the time it takes to revise policies, procedures and forms?

Eagle Associates has an affordable solution to HIPAA compliance that will save your organization valuable time and resources.

• Fully Written Policies – Eagle does the work so there is nothing for you to write.
• Automatic Updates – Policies and forms are updated as the regulations change.
• HIPAA Compliant Forms – Confidentiality agreements, request forms and more.
• Workforce Training – Annual training materials and periodic reminders.
• Live Support – Unlimited assistance with questions at no additional cost.
• Security Risk Analysis – A complete workbook to help you conduct an analysis.
• Annual Audit Plan – Checklist to document your compliance with all requirements.
• Compliance Response – Eagle can help you respond to complaints.

Eagle Associate’s HIPAA Compliance System for Business Associates costs $395.00 to get started. Afterwards their one-year service renewal is $275.00.

For more information, please click here and fill in this form. You can also call me at (269) 998-1939 to learn more.

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