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Cloud Storage for Depositions, Exhibits & Videos

Moretti Group’s cloud storage allows for the storage of your digital data in secure redundant servers. Moretti Group’s cloud storage service is responsible for keeping your data available and accessible anywhere in the world, while still keeping it secure.

  • Never worry about forgetting documents with instant 24/7 access anywhere in the world
  • Reduce paper waste by using digital documents where possible
  • Prevent document loss with redundant secure storage
  • Eliminate the headache of accessing multiple platforms with centralized storage


Reduces physical documents

Moretti cloud repository will help reduce copy costs. Provide access to documents anywhere is the world.

Increased Collaboration

User permissions will allow team members to access files quickly.

Secure & encrypted server

Encrypted data storage and user permissions provide security for world-wide access.

How it works

Moretti Group will initialize a secure repository for you and provide username and password access.

Your login provides access to any past & current Moretti Group depositions and case files.

When logged in you will be able to organize your repository as you like.

You can give access to your experts, insurance people or other third parties for their review

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