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Court Reporting

Moretti Group provides certified reporters for depositions, arbitrations and hearings. Court reporters transcribe the spoken word into written form, using a steno machine, to produce official transcripts of depositions, arbitrations and court proceedings.

  • Eliminate bias with impartial & accurate transcripts.
  • Provide translation for the deaf and hard of hearing communities.
  • Reduce unfair advantage with simultaneous transcript delivery to all parties.


Accurate Translation

Court reporters are trained to not only accurately document, but also clarify discrepancies and inaudibles.

Certified Reporters

We ensure each of our court reporters is certified by the state of Michigan, or state in which they working.

Access to a notary

Our notary public reporters can sign medical releases and other pertinent documents right at the deposition for counsel

How it works

Call and schedule a court reporter with Moretti Group

Moretti Group will schedule a certified court reporter

Deposition is confirmed the day before

Attend deposition, where the Moretti Group certified reporter will capture the spoken word.

Transcript is produced and delivered to the attorney

Schedule a reporter

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