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Record Copy Service

Have a case, but no time to subpoena & request records?

Our staff will subpoena and request records, correspond with the records facilities to ensure timely delivery of the records and communicate with your office keeping you updated on progress. Moretti Group’s record copy service archives your documents on secure, password protected servers for easy accessibility should your records ever become lost or misplaced.

  • Eliminates time wasted with constant follow-up.
  • Eliminates wear and tear on your copy machine and staff.
  • Frees time to concentrate on other aspects of the potential case.


We Do All The Work

Moretti Group does all the work from contacting sources, retaining information and making it available to you 24/7 saving you time and money.

Prepared For You

Documents are prepared and notarized by Moretti Group.

How it works

Request records via fax or email.

Moretti Group will subpoena and notarize the request to ensure timely delivery of records.

We will communicate with your office keeping you updated on the progress.

After Moretti Group receives the documents we will photocopy and/or scan them into our digital repository for safekeeping.

Originals are then sent to you.

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