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Video Depositions With Syncing

Video depositions, when synced to the transcript, give an attorney insight into the subject’s composure and emotion by capturing posture, facial gestures, as well as audio and when synced with the transcript it adds another level of validity to the witnesses or experts’ testimony. All video depositions can be synced with written depositions and can be delivered in a variety of formats.

  • Eliminate slow video review through keyword & phrase based search.
  • Reduce exhibit creation by exporting clips for use in trial presentation programs.
  • Reduce language ambiguity with documentation of subject’s actions, posture and vocal intonations.


Visual Communication

Allows other colleagues to understand witness demeanor.

Jump Forward

Faster deposition review with Hyperlinks to key segments.

Speedy Searching

Fast video searching & jumping with keyword search.

How it works

Schedule a video deposition in one of our video ready conference rooms located across the state of Michigan and ask for transcript syncing.

We schedule the videographer & court reporter.

Video & transcript will be synced and delivered to you in a timely manner in your required format.

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