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Video depositions

A Video deposition is the digital recording of a witness’ testimony under oath. Video depositions are a valuable tool for reference when considering whether to use particular witnesses at trial, and when preparing for the direct- or cross-examination of those witnesses. Video depositions are an effective way to coordinate the schedules of many deposition attendees into one meeting.

  • Avoids scheduling conflicts of key witnesses at trial
  • Clarifies verbal responses through recording of shrugs, nods & inflections



Allows other colleagues to view deposition testimony

Playback Capabilities

Playback at trial so witness doesn’t have to appear in person


Impeach witnesses live at trial

How it works

Schedule a video deposition with Moretti Group

Moretti Group will schedule the videographer

If needed, Moretti Group will secure a venue for the deposition

At conclusion of video deposition inform us if you’d like the video synced with transcript

Transcript & video is delivered in desired format

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